Business Executive Academy | Masterclasses
C-Suite level training delivered by Winmark in partnership with Angela Mortimer
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Strategic Business Planning

Derived from Winmark’s ‘One Day MBA’, this masterclass connects strategy, key business models, business planning and personal objectives.  Attendees leave with a complete guide that will walk them through the process.

Negotiating and Influencing Skills

This masterclass will enable attendees to harness understanding of difference and manage diversity of opinion in their own and target organisation.

Project Management & Consulting Skills

This masterclass combines project management with the consultancy process – two similar processes that benefit from each other. Attendees leave with two key templates that will enable them to scope and implement successful projects.

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

This masterclass covers Key Finance Principles, understanding and using financial statements to manage and improve profit and cash flow, whilst delivering an attractive return on investment for shareholders.  It also touches on Performance Management.

Social Media Management

This masterclass covers the six steps to becoming a ‘social’ business: increasing company website visibility; promoting key social media business channels; LinkedIn; influencing customers, prospects and business partners; social advertising; and online media and customer relations.

Marketing & Sales

This masterclass helps attendees to ask the right questions about issues related to marketing decisions.  It overviews the main aspects of marketing practice, with a primary emphasis on relating specific marketing language, tools and approaches with the needs of strategic leadership.

Networking for Business

Networking is a core skill for all people who want to further their careers, and enhance their teams and organisations.  This masterclass utilises research from INSEAD and Harvard, to address both the personal everyday skills and the more strategic career and corporate networking.

HR & People Skills

Condensing the components of an undergraduate CIPD programme, this masterclass develops attendees’ understanding of the different elements of HR practice, qualifications, and the history and purpose of HR.  It looks at the responsibilities of planning, recruitment, selection, appraisals, and training and development, and significantly connects these elements to the day-to-day tasks of managing people.

Reporting and Presenting with Impact

This masterclass challenges attendees to look at presentation of words, ideas, and themselves by using distinct techniques and reflecting on purpose.  With content informed by experts including Jon Moon, Professor Max Atkinson ‘Lend Me Your Ears’, and Timothy Clark, the session covers four key areas to help build excellence, and ensures that the Learning and Development opportunity is both effective and unique.

Career Strategies

This masterclass challenges attendees to review and revise their own capabilities and potential in furthering their careers.  It aims to increase confidence and understanding of their value as a professional and to focus on their career development.

Operations Management

This masterclass enables attendees to develop their potential in managing operations through discussion, activities, and learning new skills.  It aims to increase understanding of different approaches to Operations Management and, combined with real-life examples, it explores the scope of these approaches in their own roles and organisations.

Team Management

Condensing the learning points on the management of people from both of Winmark’s full-day ‘Maximising Your Leadership Potential’ and ‘One Day MBA’ masterclasses, this session enables attendees to develop their competencies and potential in managing a team through discussion, activities, and learning new skills.

Premises, Facilities & Future-Proofing

This masterclass looks at physical assets in the form of property and increases awareness of the direct link between premises, facilities and the management of human assets.  It demonstrates how facilities are integral to legislative Health and Safety requirements.  In Future-Proofing, attendees look at the changing nature of work: socially, contractually, and materially.

Learning & Development

This masterclass asks attendees to define on the day what they would like to learn and know, with an experienced and professional educator facilitating an improvised learning environment.  The session will give attendees the tools and frameworks to recognise and promote learning in the workplace and to give them a sense of responsibility, excitement, and purpose.

Procurement & Supply Management

This masterclass looks at both the concepts of procurement and supply management, negotiation techniques, and current and future trends. It includes digital transformation, disaggregation of supply chains, and circular economy theories. It will improve attendees’ understanding and expose them to cutting-edge and future thinking.

Leadership & Assertiveness

This masterclass covers different elements of leadership, making it practical learning for attendees at any stage in their career.  Looking at leadership theory and practice, attendees increase their language of leadership, learn how to recognise and promote their key strengths and skills, as well as recognise that leadership is not predicated on a job title.